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The purpose of this project is to bring together the top minds in the fields of health and fitness to produce content that is both thought-provoking and that aids you, the reader, in your own personal transformational effort.

The Strong Medicine blog will be an interface between the medical and physical culture communities and the resulting synergy will create a new wave of modes and methods to improve health and fitness within and beyond our community.

Much like the trade guilds of medieval times, the aim is to create a community of like-minded people to exchange information and better our respective crafts. This should and will be a two-way exchange between contributors and readers.

Fundamentally we are seeking to do something quite profound: measurably improve the form and function of the human body while maximizing health.

We will set the bar high with a foundation constructed equally of the empiricism brought by experienced coaches and clinicians and the latest scientific theory informed by academic research.   This community will not be a place for unyielding dogma or for those with underlying agendas.

The Strong Medicine blog’s goal is providing information that is applicable and translatable into definitive action, action that enables you to build a better you.

As passionate students of physical culture and health, it is easy to become focused on the 5% of which we differ in opinion and lose sight of the 95% we have in common on health and fitness topics.  Always keep this point in mind with your comments related to blog posts. Comments that spark civil discussion are most welcome.

We will have strong, informed and opinionated (and sometimes controversial) public health messaging. We will maintain an atmosphere of openness to new ideas as the goal is improvement, to continually improve and evolve.

We face a worldwide epidemic of chronic preventable disease that can be reversed. What is needed is coherent messaging of methods that actually deliver results instead of simply promising them.   Welcome to Strong Medicine!


Yours in Strength and Health,

Chris Hardy, D.O. MPH CSCS


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